Everybody deserves Happiness and Success!

Body – Mind – Soul – Habitat

The Happy Generation PROPOSITION is to allow young generations to refocus from material and appearance dogmas that are being imposed by today’s culture, towards empowering them to create their own bright future and well-being.
The Happy Generation VISION is that everybody deserves Happiness and Success and by that we mean the reunion and harmony between four key elements:
  • Body: maintain a healthy and rewarding way of living to stay continuously fit;
  • Mind: coordinate rational and emotional intelligence for augmented perceptions;
  • Soul: find the true calling of our existence and appreciate WHY we do things;
  • Habitat: preserve a welcoming and nurturing environment.
The Happy Generation STRATEGY is to build teams of experts and programs, develop partnerships, seek funding in order to enable and empower our children – and their parents – to become balanced and fulfilled human beings, empowered and secured in a globally functional society and protected environment.